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Speech Therapy Specializations


Enhancing speech clarity and sound production for effective communication.

Receptive & Expressive Language

Boosting comprehension and expression of language in children.

Auditory Processing Therapy

Focusing on better auditory information processing and understanding.


Assisting in overcoming speech motor planning challenges in children.

Stuttering & Fluency Therapy

Promoting fluent speech with strategies for stuttering management.


Customized neurodiversity affirming therapy for diverse communication needs in autism.

Cleft Palate / Craniofacial Differences Therapy

Targeting speech clarity for children with craniofacial conditions.

Early Intervention Therapy

Developing foundational speech and language skills from early years.

Hearing Loss Therapy

Adapting strategies for effective speech in children with hearing loss.

Foreign Accent Reduction

We help to enhance speech clarity for non-native speakers.

Pragmatic / Social Language Therapy

Improving social interaction through appropriate language use.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

 Implementing systems and devices that help people with limited verbal skills or who are nonverbal communicate with others.

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